About the Captain

My name is Capt. Kyle Busby. I’m a native Floridian who is passionate about fishing and the outdoors.  As a kid, I grew up fishing the freshwater lakes and rivers of Central Florida.  After graduating from the University of Florida and moving to the East Coast, I’ve spent the last decade enjoying saltwater fishing. In that time, I became a licensed OUPV USCG merchant mariner captain. The Volusia/Flagler waterways are great for all species of saltwater fish. The fish I target the most are the elusive snook.

When I’m not fishing I enjoy spending time with my wife and three daughters, camping, and playing with our bulldog, Juicy.

To book a day on the water or for more information, please give me a call @ (352) 745-1266 (cell).  You can also text me.

New Blog Family Photo
You can also contact me at nobigreel@gmail.com

2 responses to “About the Captain

  1. If you have another Fisherman to join us on a 4 hr fishing trip let me know.of course would have to go when off work.prefer snook,pompano,trout. thx Karen great that you get to work outdoors with passion

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